Monday, October 01, 2007

relaxing weekend!!!

"Is the pressure okay?" he asked…
"Yes buddy, this is just fine!" I replied.
Wait! Don’t you guys to conclusions… this is a conversation between the masseur and me on Sunday, Tana and I had decided that both of us deserved a good massage after so many months of moving houses and working really hard. Sort of a celebration and splurging for a weekend.
We went to the place called Ayush Therapy Clinic, just 10minutes away from where I live; our bones had started creaking while walking, working or even sitting! Major body aches and stress built-up so this was our rejuvenating getaway…
The massage lasted over an hour. Which included a very detailed body massage stressing my aching back and the palms of my hands (too much riding, I guess) also a head massage and finally a grand steam bath and awesome shower!
I guess this was our getaway weekend! On Saturday we had a well deserved lunch after a ride of around 30kms within the city! B’lore was to witness the India-Australia ODI but I guess it was flopped after major rains. The traffic was everywhere and it took us over 2 hours just to reach the place for an amazing lunch at Miller’s 46 (some of the best stakes in town!) spiked with some beer and dinner of mouth watering gol-guppas! We also watched some great movies at home out of my now growing DVD collection! (I guess we saw Da Vinci Code and Superman Returns on Saturday) this was the first weekend after ages when we just decided to laze at home and watch movies.
Sunday started with a great heavy breakfast of sandwiches and juice, again a movie on the home-theater and the massage sessions in the afternoon. We were pretty hungry when we returned back home… I tried my hands at making a smoothie at home (it was amazing!) and then again a movie in the evening (this time was the old classic Half-Ticket) dinner was a full meal of roti, subzi and dal-chawal… darn, we were stuffed by now, but to end the weekend with a bash, I made some amazing ‘masala-milk’…
This weekend helped us a lot in realizing that its okay if don’t ride every week and take a couple days off just for ourselves :-)
Looking forward to some more of these in the future now!!!

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