Monday, April 28, 2008

experience of the co-rider

this is the email my wifey sent to one of the biker groups I'm part of; the words are not mine and are here coz i felt very happy when i saw her email here and just had to share with you all :D

Posted by: "tana trivedi"
Hello !! Just felt like sharing my experience of riding my longest one dayride, and finally graduating to becoming a co-rider from being just a pillion (Like Rocky says, I am a co-rider now!!!). Its my first log on this forum and I don't expect many people to know who I am, I am Tana- LoveJoshi's wife :) (Bangalore).
We started for Madikere (Coorg) on Saturday morning at 5.30 and after two short breaks at Maddur and one along the road, we reached Bylacuppe at10.30- the roads were good, the weather was also good in the morning and myhusband did ride very safe :) The monastery is beautiful but unfortunately it was very crowded and the fact that it is so commercialized put us off.The ongoing Tibet protests also gave the place a slightly troubled feel.From there we went to Dubare Elephant Camp (Which was even more crowded witheven louder people), and after being troubled by so much noise and heat, we decided not to go further and head back home instead. We left Dubare at 1.30 and again after a few short breaks, reached home by 7.30 in the evening.It was a good ride, 512 kms in all. I can however sue the RE people formaking such narrow seats - they can get really uncomfortable...after a while one gets a wonderful feeling that her bottom does not is excruciating. The ride was otherwise smooth and riding with proper gear helped in feeling safe. Of course the heat was killing, but the roads were good and RedEye was fast.
Anyway, it was fun, and each time I ride with Love it makes me realize howmuch I trust him with my life, makes me feel closer to him. We have taken a few pictures, Love should be putting them up soon.

here is the link to the pictures :

and here are some of the initial reactions from the fellow members:

Posted by: "Sumeet Popli" Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:43 pm (PDT)
Hi TanaWelcome to BN. Lovely log. Great to have you here. We've only heard of you as a pillion to Love. Now you are amongst us :)Enjoy your stay. and looking forward to more logs from the "co-rider" perspective

Posted by: "Dr.Prithvi Raval" Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:23 am (PDT)
Yo Tana, Nice wrie up and all ! Perfect English (teacher) Also you are a terrific sport compared to so many others who are either scared stiff or 'kill joys' If this is one of the firsts, I hope Vibhu will post it on the Forum as well. As for the seat, perhaps it can be customized to a broader one. Should not be a problem. LJ's bike is really nice. Since you married him, you've already trusted him with your life :)

Posted by: "Kartik Ayyar" Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:02 am (PDT)
Hi TJ, good log and it seems that you had a great and a 'memorable' ride! So next time, for the BN meet can we expect you riding TB and LJ as the pillion ?? :PLJ are you listening???

Posted by: "Anoop S. Kumar" Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:19 am (PDT)
Good write-up, TJ. Hope the heat didn't affect you both much...--xh--