Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MY Tattoos - My PRIDE :)

I am a proud tattoo collector and i always look for reasons to add to my collection... a lot of people have asked me a lot of questions about my tattoos so here is an answer to most of the questions about the designs:

My first tattoo was a tribal/Celtic fusion design with an eye in the center… to remind me that someone is always watching you...

The second tattoo was the sun design… when observed closely; you’ll notice a moon in that! Its two faces in one… something that I am “a perfect Gemini”

The third tattoo was a bit complicated… it’s a dream-catcher, with a yin-yang pattern to signify proper balance and grizzly bear pugmarks to represent the majestic yet gentle nature of the grizzlies. (this combines the Native American and the Oriental patterns together)

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Anonymous said...

Well explained, Tattoo collector. What and when are you planning to fourth suitable to wifey ;)?

Let wifey give an option to decide.