Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday Shopping Spree

Been a while since I had such a hectic Saturday!
I managed to reach home at around 10:30pm on Friday night, had already promised a few friends that I’ll escort them to JC Road to get fixtures done on their bikes… now let’s start Saturday!
Woke up at around 8:30 (lazy Saturday morning!) remembered that I had promised Keeny that I’ll meet him at 11am near forum, I had to drop the wifey at he college and get myself a decent shave before that! But who knew that plans nicely made can be flopped by just one small teeny-weeny glitch? The gas cylinder ran out dry just as Tana started making some coffee, I suggested we chuck the coffee idea and get ready and get out before its too late… had a quick shower and got ready, but still it was already 10:30 and we decided that we’ll just have a muesli bar for breakfast and then decide about the lunch later… we were out of the door by 11am and I was already worried that I’ll be late :-( on the way Keeny calls up and says that he will be a bit late (typical him!) so I asked him to directly drop at JC Road as I had 2 more people to meet on the way and @ JC Road. I dropped Tana at her college and started out towards JC Road, my first meeting point was near the Lalbagh Botanical Garden with Gaurav from my office, he wanted the auxiliary headlamps like mine on his bike and a better seat cushion… he was there on time and was actually waiting for me… (Amazing!) Now most of you know that punctuality is something I always rave about and try real hard to follow!

I took Gaurav to Sandhya Motors (its like THE PLACE to go to for all the bullet spares) I wanted to fix the rear crash-guard on the redeye so picked it up and started on the fixing on it… by the time it was done, Karthik turned up just as I was done…he also wanted the auxiliary lamps done on his bull… in less than 10 minutes, both Ajey and Keeny showed up.
We started off first for the lamps that these guys wanted fixed. But, all of us forgot that it’s the Eid weekend and most of the shops were closed on JC road, the ones that were open wanted to charge a bomb for the smallest of things! Can you imagine paying 50 bucks extra for the smallest thing? Well so it turned out that we spend time till 2pm just haggling over thins that didn’t eventually turned out as a sale and wasted a pretty good morning!
At 2 I rushed home… the wife was really mad and hungry as I had promised her a decent lunch… and we were to meet Rocky (my mentor in biking) over lunch… we met up at Ta’am (a Mediterranean restaurant) for some Humus & Falafel lunch… after the lunch I was to take Chris (my colleague at work) for riding gear shopping… I had promised him this over 3 months ago and never got a chance to take him there… Rocky agreed to ride us all in his Bolero (my latest most favorite SUV) to KJ’s place for the shopping!
We met Chris at round 5 and then started off to KJ’s place ( and as any other die hard biker Chris just flipped looking the collection at Cramster! He picked up a whole riding kit for around 22K!!! Boy, don’t I envy him to pick it up so way?!! Heh heh
The shopping lasted over 3 hours which included chit-chatting with the others there and finally we were dropped back at around 9pm to our bull… this was almost dinner time and Tana and I went to this place called Umarkot, it’s the latest hype for Indian food in town and they boast a really rich wine collection! But again, what luck? :-( Due to dehydration and excessive heat that day we couldn’t eat a thing there! We got the dinner packed and finally went home… had some antacids and just crashed out…
Darn what a Saturday?


--xh-- said...

whrz Ta’am? how good is the food? hvnt checkout yet.. :)

Love said...

Food is good, mostly veg-medeteranian food... not sure if you like that!!!!

aap ke liye ViaMilano... mast stuff!