Monday, December 20, 2010


We were sitting, sipping the nectar from the goblets of life; and suddenly she asks me, “Why don’t you say anything nice about me? Don’t you feel the same like how you felt earlier about me? “I was speechless, flabbergasted is the right word actually, and didn’t know what to tell her…

When I was sitting alone; reminiscing, contemplating, anticipating… I realized that I really don’t feel like how I felt about her earlier, I feel much more! That was the time when we were still strangers, trying really hard to know each other, keeping up the respect and not reacting the way we would want to to a lot of things that the other did. Now we are almost one, we know what the other will say even before we begin to speak.

Relationships are a very funny thing. You try hard to build them, once they are strong, you start taking each other for granted, start ‘hurting’ the other one even without realizing that our actions or words might be really hurtful!

Well, I have to confess… I am cursed with a twisted tongue; no matter what I say, even if I try to make it sound good… it comes out either blunt or rude or crude or sarcastic, basically something vile… and this happens only for people who I love and care about. For the insignificant ones, I can build castles in the air with my words but unfortunately the same castles turn to ash when I turn my face towards someone close…
It’s a curse, what to do?

Coming back to the point… something nice for her? What do I tell her? I am who I am because of you? I am the man that you wanted me to be? I changed my entire existence just to match your liking? I am alive just for you… else why would I even bother to write this for her?
She is the meaning of my life, she is my life…

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

See U on the road :-)

I know I know;

guilty as charged… there has been a terrible silence and a really long gap on this
Blog. So long, that even I started to wonder if I should just close the blog and delete the account!

Then, I realized that the sabbatical from biking was long over a few months ago; I rode till the
maddur lake with a few BN biker friends.

Now, again it will be time for our annual ‘distancing of selves’ where the wifey will
go off to places that she yearns to go to, and I will slog my behind in the office… heh heh

But this GAP is going to gift me with 2 wonderful weekends which I intend to put to complete use
and go out riding… destination is not known as of now, but I know I will be out riding my butt off :-)

See you on the road then!