Monday, September 24, 2007

The adventures of Fart Boy & Botad babe

been thinking of this new comic strip to start... the characters are all real but their public identities will not be revealed for fear of public humiliation!!!

he is the latest superhero when it comes to crime fighting...his secret weapon (like his name suggests) is a lound stinkfilled fart bomb that he launches from his rear-end. watchout criminals! start buying your gas masks...

she is FartBoy's faithful sidekick, dont know if she can be helpful in the crimefighting or not, but for now, she just accompnies FB in all his adventures and her strongest point is tuning out completely at crunch time and start behaving like a 'botad' (Botad is basically a camel's baby) who doesn't do a bit but just piles on to all the issues created!!!

comments? suggestions? any more characters that you'll want to see here????

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