Wednesday, March 26, 2008

...Mr Moon...

Here he comes with his wares to sell,
Sell it in the market of the night,
He sells the stars to the light,
Meet him here, he’s Mr. Moonlight…

I’m the moon, sitting behind the clouds,
I’ll smile at you, when you uncover these shrouds;
The smiling moon in the wailing night
He cries his heart out, to part with his borrowed light

Funny life he lives, borrowed
Cool bright he gives, borrowed
Those wonderful smiles, borrowed
Living off the million miles, borrowed
Companion of the nights, borrowed
Inspiration to the insights, borrowed

All borrowed, nothing to own,
I’m mister moon, on my way home
I howl away the night with you
I’ll always be here, smiling…
… smiling with you…

Monday, March 03, 2008

for you

Tough questions they ask you,
Questions that leave you tongue-tied
The ones that make you rummage…
…Through the dark pits of your mind

Tell me something nice!
What do I tell you? Is it okay,
If I say, that I love you?
No, that wouldn’t do…

Boost my vanity; make me feel special,
Make me feel pretty… Fumbling for words now?
I can see you fumble; you make me tumble,
In love, in your eyes, into your beauty

Hush you liar, you are a poor flatterer,
At this rate, you will not win me tonight…
Give me one more chance to prove it,
I’ll make things sound just right…

You are the beautiful distress,
Of the equations of my meddling mind,
I stand with my arms stretched in a Y
And you can really make me fly,

You are the reason I fly,
Now you know why…
Even if I try,
I’ll be just another guy
Who doesn’t know much to tell you?
But may be these three words…
I love you…

… Now do I get you?