Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wannabe LOSER!

BMI = 29… OMG!!!

Darn, shoot, $%$%^$@, FDW#$#$#%%^, idiot!

I can’t curse myself enough… after getting married and staying in shape for a few months; we suddenly started slipping in our small haven of happiness and eating and started gobbling up all the junk we could lay our hands on.

During my last visit home, I’ve eaten so much! I remember chomping down 500gms of kulfi all alone in just one sitting! Those pizzas I devoured at Choice! Darn, what was I thinking? The wifey tried to stop me a couple times but I didn’t listen to her… even my usual snacking at home was handfuls of cashews and almonds.

I had started feeling a bit heavy around the waist since we returned back but I didn’t pay it too much heed, I kept on my gastronomical expressions and experiences till yesterday, I had to go and donate some blood for a friend’s wife’s operation… I walk into the blood bank feeling like a macho hero and tell them about the donation thingy, he asks me my height and weight, I knew the height so promptly told him the figure feeling really tall and big and strong! Next, he asks my weight and I being a dumb smartass that I am, told him that I’m not sure about the latest number, why don’t we check it? He asks me to step on the scale and BOOM! I was shot down from my glory flight to the pits of weight and being heavy… I knew that I was overweight but didn’t have any idea on how heavy I had become.

I kept the number in mind and did a BMI calculation on one of the websites with my height and weight figures. All hell broke loose… my BMI is 29 (almost obese!) I got so paranoid about this… I’ve decided that I’ll cut down all the crap that I eat. Now onwards it’s gonna be a healthy, non-fat and fast diet. Only salads and healthy stuff will go down this gullet unless I don’t get back in a decent shape. I have to get rid of aver 20 kilos now and this time I will not stop till I lose it…

For once in my life, I want to be a proud loser.

Please pray to god that I get through this ordeal at the earliest.


gunj said...

trust me it wont help livin on salads...
eat everything but dnt overeat...n yes excercise regularly...n ull b just fine....for life!! :)
all d best!~

RT said...


You keep your diet plan as is and whenever you feel hungry just go through the list we compiled as below.

Chatpato Chatkharro

Best of luck, and get back into shape before big day to show your wifey that you can make it ;).

Love said...

@Gunj - thanks yaar, i know whatever i say or write... once i see some good food, all my plans just fall off the roof :D

but hopefully i'll get back in shape with enuff exercise

@RT - jalle pe namak???? i actually was adding to your list untill i realized that i've grown FAT! :D
BTW, why r u promoting your blog on mine :p heh heh heh

--xh-- said...

water... keep drinking water bro... 5-7 ltrs a day, and salad for lunch... (ask me how i know ;) )

Pssaini said...

Hi Love,

Have been following up on ur blog thru BN!!! Ur situation reminds me of mine a year back. At 5'6", I was 80kgs and then I decided to get my life back and I am 68 now. It really feels grt!!!
N here's my sound piece, dont overeat and use those running shoes for at least 15kms every week and do some weights too twice a week. The weights boost ur metabolism rate.
So gud luck buddy. Be a champ!!!

K M F said...

nice post