Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So here I was rambling away at my comp trying to figure out what I was doing here and not having fun outside…. I get a flash msg on the screen “-XH- commented on your post” I check the comment and findout that this dude has tagged me… WOW! My first ‘official’ tag ever?!!

So now I gotta write about my new year resolution….

WTF? Resolutions? New Year? Haven’t done that in over 5 years now… well I do keep making stupid resolutions that I break most of the times but haven’t made a specific new year resolution in a while… don’t even know what to decide on.

Okay, so on a serious note… I guess I do want to make a resolution. And make sure I stick to it! This year (onwards) I want to start living for a reason… start thinking about the future! And stop my usual ‘live-for-now’ BS.

Want to be clear on what I want, when I want and what will I do to get it…

Have to start saving money for the future… want my parents to retire soon and chill at home; maybe send them out on really nice vacations and cruises! This is not a new year resolution but more of a five year plan (or maybe a life long plan) but I’ll want to stick to it :)

January 1 onwards, I’m gonna change a lot of things that are happening right now and start concentrating on my life, my family and my future…



--xh-- said...

oh boy.. i thought you are already living for a reason - Biking ;-D
you want to stop your 'BS'? hm... a harley on the radar??? dont come back and kill me now for this PJ.
so from Jan1, we will see a overhauled- engine reworked - LJ with new decals? :)

Shre said...

thr is nvr a resolve... find what you want, and then do it... how so ever it takes :)