Tuesday, December 07, 2010

See U on the road :-)

I know I know;

guilty as charged… there has been a terrible silence and a really long gap on this
Blog. So long, that even I started to wonder if I should just close the blog and delete the account!

Then, I realized that the sabbatical from biking was long over a few months ago; I rode till the
maddur lake with a few BN biker friends.

Now, again it will be time for our annual ‘distancing of selves’ where the wifey will
go off to places that she yearns to go to, and I will slog my behind in the office… heh heh

But this GAP is going to gift me with 2 wonderful weekends which I intend to put to complete use
and go out riding… destination is not known as of now, but I know I will be out riding my butt off :-)

See you on the road then!

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