Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ive been a motorcycle aficionado since a while now

Initially was impressed only by the Royal Enfield beasts (well, honestly still am impressed) but now I do see quite a few new machines coming in our local Indian market and of course the ever expanding international motorcycle market. Whew there are so many new bikes out there!

And more bikes mean more and more bike related products; be it cleaners, waxes,apparel, luggage, protection, performance parts, upgrades, u get the idea. It’s awhole unending plethora of products that you might need for your bike or maybe you are a crazed maniac like me who just WANTS things even if I get to use them or not

Now the confusion starts, there are so many products and almost everything comes with either the similar features or a few nicks and changes. How do you decide what is good enough (if not perfect) as per your requirements?

I very happily stumbled upon this website a few months ago and honestly, just got hooked onto it! The website I’m talking about is I think the name says it all. It actually is the bikers paradise on the internet! They have reviews of almost everything that comes out in the international markets which relates to motorcycles or the love of motorcycling.

The reviews are pretty sharp, accurate, informative and in-your-face the last part is what I personally appreciate, they use a no-nonsense approach for their reviews and are brutally honest when it comes to giving conclusions and verdicts.

Another good part about this site is that they also feature user comments and reviewsof the things featured. Again, these guys are not hesitant if they need to give outconstructive criticism or just say that the product is not value for money.

Ive personally ordered a few things online after going through the reviews and must admit that the reviews were bang on! I got what I was exactly expecting to get in thepackage.

Our Indian buyers still need to think about a lot of alternative ideas to get the stuff shipped here as the shipping costs are usually pretty high.

Either ship it to your friends/family in the USA who are traveling to India or place multiple order with your fellow bikers and then split the shipping costs amongst yourselves (this still is costly, but saves much more when compared to individual shipping)

So those of you still haven’t gone to this site, click here and I promise youd happily surprised to see the amount of reviews, comparisons and links to vendors for products that you had thought about but didn’t know where to buy from.

Cheers and happy riding!

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--xh-- said...

yeah, WBW is a must visit site. Another regular visitor of WBW here...