Monday, June 09, 2008

Movie Marathon

In the last 2 weeks I saw so many old, new movies seen at the PVR Cinemas Gold class and so many on my home theater system…

I’ll make a list of all the movies I saw…

An Inconvenient truth – an amazing and hard hitting documentary narrated and presented by Al Gore on the status of our planet now and how it will deteriorate in the coming years (read ‘years’ not ‘decades’ or ‘centuries’ I’m sure we’ll manage to finally screw-up our planet in a very short time)

Friday – a relatively old ‘hood movie’ made by Ice Cube completely brainless fun
Next Friday – the sequel to the original movie
Friday after the next – a sequel to the sequel (was okayish guess after the first 2 movies they lost the charm along with most of the original cast)
Barber Shop – another Ice Cube movie that was fun to watch (I’m a big fan of a lot of the black artists)

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull – a very amazingly made yet another Indy movie with a bit boring end… I loved the movie till they all went into the antechamber and then lost it after the aliens appeared, not that I am not a fan of aliens (in fact I do believe they are out there and I’d love to meet them once) but them coming into the movie and taking all the credit was a bit let downing .

The Rambo collection – if you still don’t know, I’m a big fan of the overly macho action movies; my personal movie collection has a lot of those and was missing on the RAMBO collection, got it and watched all the four movies when the wifey was out on work and I was lying at home mending my sprained neck (don’t ask me what happened to the neck, its mighty embarrassing).

Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s end – just had to watch Captain Jack Sparrow to get back some attitude in life, savvy?

Sarkar Raj – yet another nicely made Sarkar movie from the RGV labs, I saw the review of the movie on one of those shows where a guy called Rajiv Masand gives out very entertaining, blunt and almost accurate reviews of the newly released moves on the box office… when I saw RM’s review on Sarkar Raj, I was actually disappointed coz I had already bought the tickets for the gold class and here this gent said that the movie is a worthless boring long and dragging RGV disaster. But honestly I was very strangely surprised when the movie turned out really impressive and much better than what I thought it would be.

DDLJ – the evergreen SRK and Kajol move that released over a decade ago but still impresses both the wifey and I equally :D

Maine Pyar Kiya – what a funnily made movie with loads of ham-acting and yet it managed to be a super duper block buster in its days… fun to watch something like this after so many years.

World’s fastest Indian – a movie dedicated to the legendary Burt Munroe who broke the land speed record on his Indian motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats, worth watching this move not because it is a motorcycle related movie but it shows a very impressive way of approach to life by Sir. Anthony Hopkins who has played the character of Burt Munroe and has reflected that life is all about being optimistic and living in the moment… a very touching story.

Fools rush in – the perfect mush filled movie with my favorite Salma Hayek and Mathew Perry. How people of different ethnicities fall for each other and face so much ‘music’ together.

There were a couple more movies but I strangely am not able to recall the names for them… oh, by the way I’m also reading the funny Dilbert books the latest being ‘Welcome to Cubicleville’ which is as hilarious as the other books. Darn I can relate to so many of the instances in these books!

Well, that has been me since a while…
Okay then, cheerio, ta ra and all that :D


--xh-- said...

man, my head is spinning.. so many movies.. :P i think i hv watched only the 'worlds fastest indian' and man, that is one mighty impressive movie..
finished both of teh dilbert books :) will wing them back cmming weekend...
get well soon, bro...

Love said...

heh heh, i know my head should've exploded after watching so much juice... but strangely i was feeling mucho better!

thanks for the wish... you too get well soon :D