Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday dearest RedEye!

Last year Valentines Day I got the best gift till date! I got myself my loving beauty, my RedEye.

She is now a year old…
So many adventures we’ve accomplished together!
She’s already done more than 13Kkms, averaging to more than a thousand kilometers of running every month! Now, that’s some good running :-)

I still remember the day I got her… out of the showroom… she was all prissy and prime, shining in all red and silver with lotsa chrome… just like a new bride! :D

In this one year, we changed so much! She got a pair of better and brighter headlamps, louder horns, free-flow ‘goldie’ exhaust, more cushioning on the seats, a bigger tank and loads and loads of love from me!
And I; well, I became calmer, older, more mature and more loving, more adventurous and lastly MARRIED!

The wifey also loves RedEye as much as I do, sometimes though she thinks that I think more of her than her… ;)

We’ve explored so many different destinations and did so many rides! The last one being my ride from Bangalore to Ahmedabad… and yet, there are so many rides still to be done, so many destinations still to be explored and so many horizons yet to be chased…

Hopefully, this year we’ll do Leh-Ladakh (Khardung-la pass, the highest motorable road in the world) and maybe some more!
Sometimes I wish if I was paid to just travel and write about it! (Anyone out there looking for a not-so-good-looking travel show host?)

I just pray that our relationship deepens every kilometer covered and our love and loyalty for each other doesn’t fade… that we ride on and on and on and chase all the horizons we see…


--xh-- said...

wish u and redeye lods and lods of trouble free miles. :-) lage raho...

Love said...

thanks bro!

gunj said...

dat was d best valentines post ive read till date!!
but 1 thing is fo not gonna marry a man who loves bikes...coz 99% of d bikelovers i think love their bikes more than their wives!!

Viral said...

Wish your red eye a very Happy Birthday on my behalf too!

May God grant you both a very happy, healthy and long long life with each other. May this love of Love never fades ;)))

PilotPats -- Making a Pilot out of Pats said...

hope to see you riding next to me on the road to khardungla this june - july..
Ride safe

Love said...

@Gunj - not true yaar, i do love my bike a lot but then if i had to compare between my bike and my wife, the wifey will win everything hands down! i guess you need to find a guy who will make sure that he loves you the most (and then loves his bikes/cars/anything else)

@Viral - thanks so much! you still have a pending ride on it when you come back :)

@Pilotpats - sure buddy! for me its either this year or never :D

RT said...

No surprise, your RedEye got valentine/birthday note. Your passion for her is simply great.

Polish her on behalf of me and that's her birthday gift. I will ride it when see you in July.