Thursday, November 15, 2007

Without her…

Warning: the below post is written under a spasm of loneliness and has more mush than recommended to ‘normal’ people; read at your own risk! I am not responsible if you lose your mind and start ripping your hair out by the time you reach the end of this post.

You know it’s really boring to wake up all alone in the morning!

I keep telling myself that its just a matter of one week and she will be back even before I realize that she’s gone; but somehow every evening when I unlock the door and step into the apartment, I realize that life itself has completely disappeared from here! The ‘lively’ ‘warm’ and ‘loving’ home suddenly has transformed into a cold, crummy, chilly and lonely place.
Funny part is that I was so used to my loneliness, my solitude, ‘my space’ just a year back... and now suddenly I got so used to being with this stranger who has become the most important piece of my whole existence!

I actually stay in bed in the mornings instead of jumping off to make the honey-lemon concoction and starting my workouts… I haven’t worked out in a week… when I felt too guilty about not taking care of my body, I wrapped that heating belt around my waist and sat like a lump of lard for an hour hoping that it’s gonna eat up all the flab from my body.
Is it possible that a person you didn’t even know existed, becomes so important in less than a year’s time? I mean, I always said that I need to ‘know’ the person before I decide to spend my life with her and here I’m brooding my heart out missing this girl I just met less than a year ago.
Well, all I can say is ‘I miss you’

Living my life off dreams,
Enjoying every moment just with my whims
Taking people for granted was acceptable
Even the loser drunkard next door was respectable…

I met you, and life took a u-turn
I don’t have that cruel glint in my eyes
And I don’t sit and say, burn-baby-burn

Smiles started coming easy
Life found a reason
My creativity had fled
Now I have a better vision

You are the reason
The reason to smile,
The reason to live
Just for a longer while…

I miss you,
I miss you bad…
Never felt so forlorn
Now I’m lonely and sad.

Come back to me,
Bring me back to life
Let’s smile together again
Come back my loving wife…

… I miss you


--xh-- said...

y, you are giving me ideas.. :-) i am really trying hard not to get married - andyou are giving me exactly the pic i dont want to see. if marriage is like this, i may try it :-) well, LJ, it is mush, but hey, when you adore some one, mush is ok :) am sure T will be happy reading this. you both r just great match, mate :)

Love said...

hey XH, trust me dude... marriage makes a huge transformation in who you used to be! i guess it also depends on WHO you get married to :D

either you change for the best or you become psychotic :p

but honestly, getting married is something i'd suggest you should try atleast once in life

Viral said...

Amazing work dude!!!
Main aur meri tanhai kind ;))
Kudos to your passion for your cutie wife, pyar hamesha yun hi barkaraar rahe :)
You guys rock!

RT said...

Wow, I am impressed and it touched me in so many ways.

Man, you are the one completely different just a year back and now I can see your better half has made you romantic, caring and more lovable person. I bet, you are missing her by heart and she deserved that to learn that you miss her.

She made you think about,

a) Goodies of marriage
b) Her feelings for you
c) Other side of loneliness
d) Your life without her love.

I am really happy seeing you in deep love with your better half. This romantic blog is dedicated to her and you both will have more charming, romantic, remarkable days ahead in your life.

LOVE’s BETTER HALF Thanks for making my lovely bro a romantic person.

Riri and Gunjan's blog said...

Sugoi - wishing that you continue to maintain consistency (i learnt that in a talk yesterday) and enjoy !